Printed Circuit Board designing business

Hello People. This article discusses about Printed Circuit Board designing business. Designing PCB circuit is a complicated process and it requires an advanced skillset. In the highly-competitive field of printed circuit board design, assembly, and fabrication, you must understand that you must go the extra mile in order to win a customer’s business.

Important steps in PCB design process

  • System & Board Level Architecture Specification
  • Engineering Design Specification
  • Component Selection
  • Component Obsolescence & Planning
  • Symbol Creation
  • Schematic Drawing/Capture
  • Timing Analysis
  • Netlist Generation
  • BOM Generation
  • Tools: (OrCAD, Concept HDL Altium, PADs, Expedition)
Printed Circuit Board designing business

To better have an understanding about the PCB designing as well as manufacturing process, let us look at the process in detail. From PCB schematic design and PCB board layout to testing, validation, and certification, here is the full cycle of the PCB design process. See the detailed breakdown of printed circuit board design and manufacturing.

Preparing a technical specification

Preparing a project specification is an important part of a custom PCB design service. It may include technical requirements, block diagrams, deliverables, assumptions, a preliminary bill of materials (BOM) and BOM costs, tools and technologies specified for the project development. The specification allows PCB designers to stay on the same page with customers and meet their expectations.

Schematic design

The process of PCB board design always starts with schematics. A schematic or a circuit diagram conveys the electrical connection between different electrical components like integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete components. To deliver this PCB design service, PCB designers use professional CAD software, such as Fritzing, Altium Designer etc to define modules and design the connectivity between different components.

PCB layout

Once the schematic is imported to the PCB layout, PCB designers place components on the board and route the traces. They take into consideration the number of required layers and the dimensions of components that may be limited by the size of the housing. Within the PCB layout services, they analyze signal integrity and evaluate electrical limitations to ensure the safety of the board level architecture. For a complex layout, they include various simulations into their custom circuit board design services. PCB specialists arrange proper conductor routing, which is the primary factor affecting the price of PCB manufacturing. They run DFM/DFA analysis to minimize PCB design revisions, cut development costs, and reduce time to market.

PCB fabrication and testing

Once PCB design layout is approved for production, they export it into the format the manufacturer supports. They prepare a bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files that describe design requirements for each image of a circuit board. Manufacturers use this documentation as a reference for board fabrication and PCB assembly. For certain projects, they also create a 3D model of a PCB to make sure it fits the housing. Testing is essential for both PCB layout design services and the fabrication stage. They provide the manufacturer with the data and software necessary to perform an electrical and impedance test. After the prototypes are manufactured, they test them in-house.

Mass production

After the prototype validation, they prepare the files for mass production and assist the customer throughout the manufacturing process. They arrange special software, hardware, and testing procedures. Using them, the manufacturer can test each PCB at the factory.

Technical support

Upon completion of the project, PCB manufacturers create a full document package that comprises BOM and Gerber files, 3D models, and technical manuals. In addition, they set a warranty period for PCB design services. During this period, they fix bugs and provide other technical support covered by the warranty. After the warranty period ends, they stay in touch with customers and can consult them when needed.

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