WordPress Site Health 

Hello People. This article discusses how to achieve 100% in wordpress site health. WordPress site health feature helps website owners to monitor performance and security issues. This feature looks for common performance and security issues and gives a health check score to the website based on various tests. For example a test that checks if your website is running the latest PHP version. Using older PHP versions can make your website slow and may not be compatible with popular WordPress plugins. To achieve 100% wordpress site health, focus on the following things.

WordPress Hosting

Chosing the right web hosting service is the most important decision you make for a website. Using an unreliable hosting provider can affect your WordPress site. They use older software and do not have all the PHP modules installed. It is recommended to use Bluehost, SiteGround, Dreamhost. These are officially recommended WordPress hosting providers.

Install SSL / HTTPS

SSL protects the website by encrypting data transfer from server to user’s browsers. SSL enabled websites use HTTPs in their URLs.

Update your wordpress

Always make sure that you are using the latest WordPress version.

Update WordPress Plugins and Theme

WordPress themes and plugins are regularly updated. So look for the available updates and install them to keep your site updated. Plugins and themes use updates to deliver new features, fix bugs, and close security issues. You need to install updates to make sure that your website is not vulnerable to any known security issue. Please go to Appearance » Themes page to install an update.

Use the Latest MySQL or MariaDB Version

Always make sure that your website is running the latest stable version of MySQL/Maria. You can check the information about your database software version by switching to the info tab in site health.

Use The Latest PHP Version

WordPress is written in the PHP programming language. It is a server-side language. It runs on your hosting server to dynamically generate WordPress pages. Using the latest PHP version gives your website a performance boost. It also ensures compatibility with new WordPress plugin features that may require the latest PHP version to work correctly.

WordPress Site Health 

Enable WordPress Automatic Updates

WordPress has built-in ability to update itself and install the latest security releases. These are minor releases. But they are crucial for the safety and security of your website. These security updates are automatically installed on websites. Always make sure that automatic updates are enabled on your WordPress site to keep your site secure.

Remove Unused WordPress Plugins & Themes

It is better that you delete any inactive plugins that are not required.

Enable Rest API

REST API in WordPress allows developers to securely use HTTP requests to perform actions on a WordPress site.

Make Sure Required PHP Modules are Installed

PHP Modules and extensions are additional libraries that extend the functionality of the PHP programming language. WordPress recommends several PHP modules to be installed for optimal performance.

Disable Debug Mode

WordPress comes with a built-in debug mode which allows you to see if a plugin, theme, or custom code is having some errors. This feature is intended to be used by developers or advanced users. It is not recommended to turn on the WordPress debug mode for a live website.

Hope this article on Achieve 100% in WordPress Site Health is useful to you. Please read What is WordPress Site Health


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